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Quality Contractor Network Benefits

The Quality Contractor Network (QCN) is a cooperative effort among local power companies, local HVAC contractors, and TVA to promote the design, installation, and servicing of quality heat pump systems for residential and small commercial customers. Contractors in the QCN can offer:

  • Expert analysis of home heating and cooling needs
  • Equipment recommendations for maximum efficiency and comfort
  • Information on operating costs
  • Equipment warranties.

How the QCN works

TVA maintains a master list of heat pump contractors that have qualified for QCN membership by complying with all necessary requirements. Each local power company selects QCN contractors from this master list for its individual QCN list, which is provided to customers interested in participating in the Heat Pump Plan.

Benefits for QCN members

  • Listing as a contractor with your local power company.
  • Low-interest, fixed-rate loans that you can offer your customers to have a heat pump installed and that they can repay monthly on their electric bill.*
  • Direct deposit for heat pump installations with customer use of energy right Program financing through their local power company.*
  • Promotion of QCN members by TVA and local power companies.
  • Access to promotional brochures, advertising, and collateral materials.
  • Use of the QCN logo.
  • Access to participation in special promotions that increase heat pump installations.
  • Training in how to operate a successful business.
  • Recognition each year of contractors that do the most work under the program.
  • Cooperative advertising as funding allows.
  • Potential eligibility for incentives through your local power company.

*Some power distributors may not participate in TVA’s financing program. Contractors are advised to check with their marketing representative regarding financing availability.


Don't forget to refer your residential customers to www.energyright.com for program information, energy-saving tips, a free online audit, a mortgage calculator, and more.


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